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How it all began - A brief history of the Laurel Divers

In June of 1975, current club member Jim Hostetler and former club member Bob Mulvehill, decided to turn their interest in scuba diving into a local dive club. They traveled to Johnstown and recruited two members from the Johnstown YMCA class. The four of them met in a Coleman camper in Bob Mulvehill’s back yard and became The Ebensburg Scuba Club.

Each of the four members donated $5 to form a club treasury, half of which was spent on a year’s subscription to Skin Diver Magazine. Additional funds were added by using scuba to clean the bottom of the Ebensburg Community Pool for $2 each time.

By the summer of 1976 Bob Maurer, Rose Maurer, Tom Maurer, Ken Charlesworth and a dozen others had added their names to the membership ranks. The Hollidaysburg YMCA was where most basic scuba classes were being held, and the club soon changed its name to the "Laurel Divers" to include all of the Central Pennsylvania area.

The first Treasure Dive was held in 1976 at the same location where it is still being held today. Ten divers searched for colored golf balls used to mark the prizes. The top prize was a dive watch. A divers logbook, a handful of dive flag decals, and several discover diving bumper stickers rounded out the prize list.

Today, our club is nearly 100 members strong. The Treasure Dive attracts about 60 divers each year.

Thanks to Jim Hostetler for supplying the above information.

PA Information

Pennsylvania Employer Identification Number is 32-0032756, Laurel Divers, nonprofit organization.


Excluding holidays, our club usually meets the first Monday of each month at the Marzoni's in Greenwood - 1830 East Pleasant Valley Blvd, Altoona PA, at 6:30pm. At these meetings we discuss and review dive trips recently taken, discuss plans for future dive trips and conduct any miscellaneous club business. Around 6pm, we assemble for dinner. Following the meeting, plan on staying - this is a great time to make new contacts and share dive stories. Friends and guests are welcome!

We also hold monthly board meetings, of which the date and time are announced at the monthly meeting. Any club member is welcome to attend these board meetings and help guide the direction of the club.


Dues for membership are $35/year for first member of household, $27 for second member and $21 for each consecutive member. Dues entitle you to participation in all club events and you will receive our regular e-mail communications detailing all our upcoming trips & events.