General Information About Our Quarry

This information is for the quarry near Hollidaysburg, PA, known as the Blue Hole Quarry.

    • This quarry is private property and NOT OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC.

    • Only a small, specific list of Group Leaders may bring divers to the quarry.

    • Members of the Laurel Divers may use the quarry as individuals, provided that they have met the owner’s requirements of familiarity (been here at least twice with another LD member, and been here within the last 12 months).

    • Members of the Laurel Divers are NOT automatically “authorized group leaders” who may bring visitors to the quarry.

    • Dive instruction / Training is restricted to a specific list of authorized Instructors.

    • Absolutely no fire department training in any capacity.

Requesting to dive the quarry
(approved group leaders only)

Please allow 4 business days to process reservation requests.

    1. Liability Release

      1. Blue Hole Quarry liability release form MUST be completed and turned in BEFORE you submit request to visit the quarry. Have each person in your group electronically sign the liability release form

      2. (DO NOT sign release forms for other people).

      3. Anyone visiting the property needs to complete a waiver, including non-divers, land support, and spectators.

    2. Scheduling

      1. Use the dive calendar below to verify the date/time and entrance (north or south) of quarry is available for the time you are seeking. You can also check the conditions of the quarry.

    1. Quarry request form

      1. Please confirm that everyone in your group has completed their online liability release before submitting this form.

    1. Reservation Confirmation

      1. After you have submitted your quarry request (Step 3), we will contact you to confirm your reservations.

      2. You are not allowed on the property until you receive an email confirmation!

    2. Payment

      1. Submit payment using our Quarry Donation Form either before or after the dive ($6 per diver, Laurel Diver members are free).

      2. We appreciate your prompt donation as Laurel Divers is responsible for maintaining the port-a-potties, road maintenance, and mowing in order to be able to dive the quarry.

      3. 100% of the quarry donations are used exclusively to pay quarry maintenance expenses.

    1. Conditions

Helpful Tips for smooth scheduling

    • Scheduling request should be made in a timely fashion, as to allow 2 days advanced notification for the property owners.

    • Most requests will be processed within 48 hours of request (assuming all liability release forms have been received).

    • Prior to submitting a quarry request, you may find it beneficial to check the “Event Calendar” page to see if there are any other large groups already scheduled.

    • Group Leader is responsible for signing in at the house immediately when arriving at the quarry.

    • The Group Leader is responsible for submitting the donation form before or immediately following the dive.